Wild Stone Grey Packaging Design

Wild Stone is a brand of grooming products for men, with a clear and  well-established personality. The introduction of a new variant called for a re-imagining of Wild Stone's existing visual language to make it suitable for a new market segment.

Brand Idea The existing Wild Stone range asserts a raw, unpredictable energy. The packaging and advertising for the brand revolve around the narrative of a woman who is drawn to an anonymous male, resulting in rapid, surprising, and entirely sexual encounters. This idea is exploited by a "claw mark" device, which creates a prominent visual logic for the range. 

A Different Tone With Wild Stone Grey, the brand aimed to enter the workplace with a "day" fragrance. However, the blatant sexuality of Wild Stone faced a setback in the formal grooming space. The challenge was to give Wild Stone the credibility to enter this space while still maintaining the personality for which it is sought out over its competitors.


Iterations on the the theme


A Secret Weapon The final design takes a cue from men's work wear. The claw marks—a major brand symbol—manifest themselves through a visual play, not obviously visible in the first glance and creating a "double-take" effect.