Rungta's Real Tea Range Brand Strategy & Packaging Design

Rungta's is a food processing company that owns the regional tea brand, Real. The challenge was to redesign and expand the Real range of teas for urban markets and newer retail formats, addressing a rapidly modernising customer, while creating an architecture to accommodate a wide range of daily foods. 

Contributions: Visual design and prototyping, pre-press artwork creation, print supervision, client presentations and interfacing. 
Art direction: Itu Chaudhuri and Richa Bhargava at ICD India


Context Real is a brand endorsed under the Rungta's umbrella, which offers natural farm foods that undergo minimal processing before being packaged. The driver of the brand is source authenticity. Real products are sourced from specific regions of the country and offer qualities that lend an advantage over generic varieties. The range was redesigned to focus on origin and highlight the promise of authenticity.

The challenge Originally comprised of a single sub-brand with two variants, the Real range now offers several choices across a matrix of grades and price points; there's something for everyone. One of the challenges was to create distinct packs which cue appropriate signals to the customer, helping her identify the right pack for her.

real gold.jpg

Brand Idea Local surveys and conversations with Rungta's customers revealed that they are keen on urban mobility but rooted in traditional values. The overall brand idea of Rungta's stresses success and aspiration, while the Real brand also stresses authenticity.

Visual Expression The flower graphic is the main identifier of the Real range. It radiates modernity with an aura of security, subtly cuing religious ritual, purity and freshness.

Product Shot.jpg

Authenticity Individual design details come together to reinforce the Real promise and establish a "straight from the estate" theme. The back of the pack features blenders' labels which describe the characteristics of the tea. 


Premium Variant While Real Gold offers crushed, torn and curled tea from Assam, Real Gold Select is higher quality blend containing long leaves from Darjeeling. The design responds the premium and delicate characteristics of the product.

Highest Quality Real Gold Classic is the most premium blend in the range. A metallic detail elevates the identifying element of the design by taking advantage of the printing process. The colour palette is reminiscent of jewels and suggests opulence.

Strength and activity A strong blend was introduced as a response to competitors offering discounts and free gifts with the product. The name Dhamaka (roughly "explosive") simultaneously cues exciting offers and a strong cup of tea. The "Gold" sub-brand has to place the product in a lower price segment. The design responds to both these naming decisions: the flower has an immediately dramatic impact, and the pack is much more dynamic.

Alternatives Other proposed designed explored different methods of creating a distinct look from the Gold sub-brand.