“How is your Bus ride?” Research and Design Proposal

How can we gather accurate data about the satisfaction of bus riders in Pittsburgh? How can we help the Port Authority pinpoint problem areas so they may make directed efforts to improve the bus-riding experience? 

The aim of this project was to devise a feedback mechanism that would to address these issues. The result was a physical dial that could be placed in the bus. 

Advisor: Kyuha Shim

Constraints In order to direct concept generation, I decided to set the constraints for an "ideal" solution. 

Initial brainstorming of some possible solutions

Informal evaluation of  initial ideas 



Prototyping Based on informal evaluation of the proposed ideas, a prototype was created for a survey tool which relies on simple tangible interactions—twisting a knob and pushing a button.

Visual Design The interface asks you to rank your bus ride on a simple scale with informal, conversational qualifiers for each rating.  Easy to follow instructions are provided below the question. After an initial general question about the rider's overall feedback, the button asks the rider more specific questions regarding common grievances—schedules, cleanliness, and their interaction with the driver, or contextual questions like how often they take the bus. This data can then be compiled and tagged for each route, bringing to light specific pain points in the bus system across the city.